Caring Skincare Series: Step #5 Protect

So we have reached the final step in our caring skincare series! Throughout the five steps I have been sharing with you the products I use as well as details on the alternatives. Now to be honest I have not tried this product myself yet as I haven’t needed it and to be honest I don’t use sunscreen much at all. I prefer to just monitor my sun exposure, moving to shaded areas as needed. I am more of a walk in the woods type and generally avoid the beach at all costs. However I know many of you love your poolside lounging so here you go!

Making Shade

This ultra-sheer, water resistant sunscreen formula is just what you need for a day at the beach or just hanging outdoors. Made with octinoxate, the most popular UVB sunscreen in the world, and micronized zinc oxide; the gentlest UVA protective sunscreen available. Making Shade is also great for kids because it won’t sting their eyes! A greaseless lotion, perfect for wearing alone or under makeup, Making Shade is also enriched with cell-protecting Vitamin E, Vitamin C and soothing green tea and aloe to keep your complexion calm and moist all day, while lessening the damage brought on by direct sunlight. – Making Shade is a ‘physical’ or ‘BROAD SPECTRUM’ sunscreen, it sits on top of the skin and”blocks” the UV rays; whereas a ‘chemical’ sunscreen absorbs into the skin and allows the skin to absorb UV rays. – Making Shade contains zinc and is a great choice for those with oily/acne prone skin – Children love our sunscreen because it doesn’t sting or irritate their eyes – Very little is needed because it is so concentrated – Sunscreen should be applied 20 minutes before heading into direct sunlight.

Next week I am going to share some of other skincare items that you may wish to add to your regimen.

Have a beautiful day!

-Michele, Ind. Beauty Consultant

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