May Specials are Here!

May is here!

I have to admit May is one of my favorite months. Besides the very special birth of my absolutely amazing and gorgeous son Daniel (my baby that will be 3 this month 🙂 it is also my wedding anniversary and I have to say I am very proud of our 15 years of marriage, friendship, love and building our family.

And if all those beautiful reasons weren’t enough as a gardener May is the month where we really get to have fun in the garden and this year is no exception. I am planting lots of fruits, veggies and may even have a pumpkin patch these year-super exciting. However, for this blog I am sharing the beautiful specials at Beauty Society for the month of May which include 20% off Perfect Form bottles and refills along with some really pretty gifts for Mom. Check out all the details below and remember I am always available if you have any questions.
















Vegan Make-up: Lip Nirvana

I am sitting here wondering where the warm weather went. At the time of writing this blog post it is pretty cold out and I feel I became a bit spoiled by the unseasonable weather we had the end of February. I took some time thinking about what I wanted to write next-now that the caring skin care series is over. I knew I would start delving into our makeup but it’s hard to pick one.

I have always loved makeup. I think it appeals to the creative side of me and I love the idea of creating a look or a mood with the products I choose. Over the past several months I have found that of all the products I use, lipstick seems to have the biggest impact. When you think about it, being a foul mood right after applying lipstick is a pretty tough accomplishment. There is just something about putting it on looking in the mirror and feeling like, “oh yeah I got this.”

Even if “got this” means going downstairs to listen to the theme song of Peppa Pig for the next 20 minutes.

I like to think that it’s a throw back to the days of the strong and powerful Amazon or other tribal women that we channel when we apply color to our faces. It’s has if we are gearing up for our day-making it our own before we even leave the house.

I first tried our Lip Nirvana at dinner for my 39th birthday. We went to a favorite restaurant and ordered drinks, appetizers a meal and dessert. I felt that it was a pretty tough test on our first day together but Lip Nirvana did not disappoint and I still had color for the end of the even photos we took during story time.

Lip Nirvana has a matte finish and I wasn’t sure I would like it being a fan of the glossy look. And while, yes I love the glossy look-I really don’t love wearing it all the time. I want the look of lip color but I don’t want the feel of lip color and the matte colors were perfect for this. You can see the complete line of colors by checking out my web store or message me directly and I can get you a catalog. Be sure to comment below and let me know your favorite color.

Have a beautiful day,

-Michele, Ind. Beauty Consultant

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