Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot

Luna, Jeter, Scott & I

Wow, I just came in from watering my plants and I am about to melt. I have some sun tea on the porch, sparkling water next to me and our brand new doggie on the floor by my feet.

And a bunny scheduled to arrive tomorrow.

Yeah, I am back in my crazy animal mode. There was a time in my life where the house was totally full of animals. As they aged and passed on we stopped adopting and let the house grow quiet.

Until this week.

Our Luna girl as you know from last week’s post is a former lab beagle who is now learning what it means to be a companion animal and a doggie.

The bunny was something my daughter and I had been thinking about for over a year now and when a client told me about the pet bunny she found in wandering her neighborhood I knew our friend had found us.

As for me I am happily searching out the perfect food and planning some doggie ice cream treats for later today. All in all it’s a great start to the week.

Don’t forget that for the month of June all commissions from Beauty Society will be going to help Luna’s friends still seeking their forever homes. Simply place your order and I will take care of the rest.

With the week being so hot and I am grateful for the “Keep it Light” sample I had in my cabinet. It feels like just the right amount of moisture and doesn’t give my skin that heavy feeling. If you aren’t sure about which moisturizer I would be happy to help you choose. You can check out my posts on skin care but remember-all of our skincare comes with a 12 month satisfaction guarantee! Yup, 12 months!!! I know it’s crazy but they really want you to be happy.

(Makeup in case you were wondering has a 6 month guarantee-pretty cool huh?)

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Have a beautiful day,

-Michele, Ind. Beauty Consultant

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The Heart of it All

Our Jeter enjoying the sunshine

Today I did something really exciting-I completed an application to adopt another dog! I am so excited to bring a new member into our family and this particular adoption goes right to the core of my Beauty Society business.

A friend of mine introduced me to a rescue organization that saves beagles that are being surrendered from labs. These sweet doggies have spent their lives as test dogs and are now being introduced into what is like to be a companion dog in a family.

For me, I wasn’t planning on getting another dog really. However when I was talking to my friend and I heard how many dogs the organization was going to be getting in the next few months I felt my heart reach out. When the pictures were posted I just knew that I wanted to be a small part of helping these little guys.

I wanted to share this story with you all because it is this reason that I came to Beauty Society as a customer initially. I wanted to find skincare & cosmetics that I loved, that made me feel great both on the outside and the inside. I wanted products that didn’t hurt animals, the environment or me and I feel so good when I use them every day. It may seem like a little thing but for me it’s not.

And for these dogs it’s not. I hope some day I hear that this group (or groups like it) are no longer needed because the last of animal testing labs has shut their doors. In the meantime, I am a firm believer that we help where and when we can in any way we can.

So in honor of what I hope will be the announcement of a new family member I will be donating all of my commission from my Beauty Society sales this month the animal rescue group. My little way of paying it forward and maybe helping two dogs instead of one 🙂

Have a beautiful day,

-Michele, Ind. Beauty Consultant

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May Specials are Here!

May is here!

I have to admit May is one of my favorite months. Besides the very special birth of my absolutely amazing and gorgeous son Daniel (my baby that will be 3 this month 🙂 it is also my wedding anniversary and I have to say I am very proud of our 15 years of marriage, friendship, love and building our family.

And if all those beautiful reasons weren’t enough as a gardener May is the month where we really get to have fun in the garden and this year is no exception. I am planting lots of fruits, veggies and may even have a pumpkin patch these year-super exciting. However, for this blog I am sharing the beautiful specials at Beauty Society for the month of May which include 20% off Perfect Form bottles and refills along with some really pretty gifts for Mom. Check out all the details below and remember I am always available if you have any questions.
















The Magic of a Beauty Society Business

If you know me personally or have visited here from my other sites you know that I am a big believer in following your passions and actively creating the life of your dreams. I do not believe we have to do things that make us unhappy or miserable to find “security” or “pay our dues” to be given a tiny bit of reward. I actually believe that thinking this way is what keeps so many people from living truly happy and satisfying lives.

I am currently doing what so many would have told me is impossible. I am home full-time with my children, learning together, playing together and flowing with our days following our interests and passions. My husband and I are constantly dreaming up new ideas, goals and places for us to venture to as a family and I can honestly say that I believe it’s possible for everyone.

While there is a TON of information on direct sales and business building I can say that I take a different approach. I like to find products I love and believe in and share them in a true, authentic and fun way. If I don’t enjoy it-I don’t do it. I love this blog, my websites and sharing great information with you.

If you would like to be an active creator of your life I would love to work with you. Partnering with my Beauty Society Business to create your own is a fun and wonderful opportunity. Knowing you are part of a company that is environmentally and socially conscious and creates quality products that work is, for me, vital to building my life. I spent years as a District Sales Manager in direct selling and I understand the business side and have managed to combine both my experience and passion into my Beauty Society career.

If you know this is for you please join me!  I love to spoil my team members and help them design a business that meets their goals-not mine.

If you aren’t sure about Beauty Society or would like support in consciously creating your life I would love to chat. You can also visit my angelic coaching page to learn more about those services that can help enhance any career or help you find your life purpose.

If you are feeling curious about Beauty Society watch the video below and be sure to reach out to me with any questions you may have-I would love to help!

Have a beautiful day,

-Michele, Ind. Beauty Consultant

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