I was struggling a bit to find this week’s post topic. I know I have shared all my favorite products and a few make up tricks and things I love. In the end I thought it would be nice to share this month’s special product and some of the unique ways to use it.

For only a few more days (sale ends June 30th) you can purchase our Liquid Luxury for 20% off-just $27.50. Sign up to be an Elite Customer and you receive 50% off and can purchase Liquid Luxury for just $17.25.

So while your initial thought may be this is for people with really dry facial skin there is so much more to this product!

I have really dry hands, elbows and feet-I always have. I drink lots of water but still, those areas remain dry. In the winter my hands actually get red and raw so I decided to give this product a try and boy does it work! Applying it to your feet before bed with some socks makes that pedicure look even more amazing; apply to your hands in the morning and it keeps away the scaling dryness of digging in the garden and just the slightest amount on your elbows keeps them looking like you weren’t sitting with your elbows on the table, face in your hands staring at the blank computer screen to write a blog post.

It also freshens up tattoos and makes them look brandy new and freshly healed. You can apply a touch to dry hair and help smooth those fly aways and split ends and so much more.

If you have been looking for something special I would definitely recommend giving this beauty a try. And don’t forget about our 12 month guarantee-if for any reason you don’t like it you have 12 months to return it for a refund. How awesome is that?!

See you next week-have a beautiful day!

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Saving on Your Vegan Make-up

Today I am doing something a little different. I thought I would take a little break and share with you all about how you can save money when purchasing your Beauty Society Make-up and Skincare.

I have a page here that goes into the FAQ’s but I wanted to do a post that tells you about our Elite Customer Program and how you can save money with no risk or obligation (which let’s face it is usually the “catch” with most savings programs).


I know you will love being an Elite Customer and it is FREE to join!

Here’s what you receive:

*15% off EVERY Beauty Society purchase

*FREE Shipping on every order

*Exclusive Elite Customer only 50% discounts

*FREE gift with every auto delivery-I love the free gifts that come in your shipments. If you want to know what this month’s free gift is check out the pinned post in my Facebook Group where I share the goodies and monthly specials.

*Flexibility to customize your bi-monthly shipment which is probably my favorite. You can change your order each time so you don’t have to buy the same things or if you find you don’t need your refill this time around you can get yourself that lip glisten you have been eyeing and it’s easy to do.

How it works:

  1.  Sign up with directly with me here (My Associate ID# is 5599) or call us at 866.446.8848
  2. Select your first auto delivery release
  3. Get excited! You can start enjoying your Elite Customer perks right away

Change your shipment:

Edit your shipment at least 48 hours before the 15th

You can select different products for every bi-monthly auto delivery

Still have questions? Please feel free to reach out to me and I would be happy to answer them or you can check out my FAQ page for more info.

Have a beautiful day!