Sharing a Current Favorite

The weather here has been rainy and dreary and to be honest it’s starting to affect my mood. Whenever possible I am getting outside to connect with the breaks in rain, putter around the garden and get some bunny snuggles.

I keep wanting to get a picture of our newest addition-Frank the bunny-digging in his hay box which is a re-purposed Beauty Society box. It makes me smile to see it.

One of the things that has been happening to my skin is the occasional break-out. It’s a normal part of my cycle-yet still irritating. This past week I started using the Baby Cal Down mask at night in replacement of my normal Youth Accelerator. I couldn’t believe how I woke up the next day to see the breakouts were almost gone (definitely gone enough to be hidden under some light foundation). The first night I figured it may have been a fluke or I got lucky but when it worked the second night in a row I knew I had found something.

So if you find yourself dealing with the occasional facial flare-up you may want to give this a try.

Don’t forget that Beauty Society offers a 12-month Satisfaction Guarantee!
(Yes 12 MONTHS to try it and love it!)

So here is to clear skin and clear skies.

See you next week-have a beautiful day!

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Caring Skincare Series: Relief

Today, well I could use some relief. I am in full-blown overload, craving solitude and perhaps a sunny location where someone with a wonderful accent serves me drinks with little umbrellas while I curl up under an umbrella reading Nora Roberts.

Well, Beauty Society doesn’t have that type of relief product (well unless you count the incentive trips that I am really wishing I paid more attention to…) but they can offer your skin some relief if you are feeling a bit off or perhaps sleep deprived.

This probably my favorite astringent. Gentle, yet effective exfoliating astringent will instantly remove congestion from pores, dry up any blemishes and remove impurities from excess oil without drying out your skin. Don’t worry about irritation because we’ve added green tea and coneflower extracts to soothe, calm and reduce any visible inflammation or redness normally associated with AHAs. Astringent doesn’t have to be a dirty word…. so let Stripper give you an ultra-clean show. – Natural AHA from citrus, apple and sugar cane are combined with a time released, skin conditioning BHA to smooth rough, flaky skin commonly seen with acne – Softens clogged pores and dissolves dead cells with minimal extraction effort – Aids in healing and prevents scarring – So gentle, that it will calm redness and irritation from blemishes. It’s also a great alternative aftershave for men.

This is a product I haven’t tried myself but here if you struggle with breakouts keep reading. Banish the breakouts forever with this one hit wonder. Revitalize your skin with this double AHA/BHA serum that will clear up your skin for a lifetime. With 10% glycolic and 2% salicylic acid, this serum will resurface the skin to leave you with a fresh new face, and go deep down to kill bacteria and fight off future breakouts with salicylic acid. Betaglucans to rebuild the skin and green tea, and licorice extract will help calm and soothe skin of any irritation and inflammation. 90% success with 100% guarantee! All this and NO BENZOYL PEROXIDE.

Due to the stickiness of this product, caused by the BHA, you may use only at night or follow with Fake ID . For those with sensitive skin or rosacea-prone skin, blending with Drama Free may be helpful until a tolerance is built up. Best if used in the evening , not only will skin be acne and blemish free; it will be diminish scarring.

Well it’s not a sunny vacation island but hey, it’s a way to feel relaxed, rejuvenated and work in some self-care for yourself.

I will be back next week…maybe writing pool-side….

Have a beautiful day!

-Michele, Ind. Beauty Consultant

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