Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot

Luna, Jeter, Scott & I

Wow, I just came in from watering my plants and I am about to melt. I have some sun tea on the porch, sparkling water next to me and our brand new doggie on the floor by my feet.

And a bunny scheduled to arrive tomorrow.

Yeah, I am back in my crazy animal mode. There was a time in my life where the house was totally full of animals. As they aged and passed on we stopped adopting and let the house grow quiet.

Until this week.

Our Luna girl as you know from last week’s post is a former lab beagle who is now learning what it means to be a companion animal and a doggie.

The bunny was something my daughter and I had been thinking about for over a year now and when a client told me about the pet bunny she found in wandering her neighborhood I knew our friend had found us.

As for me I am happily searching out the perfect food and planning some doggie ice cream treats for later today. All in all it’s a great start to the week.

Don’t forget that for the month of June all commissions from Beauty Society will be going to help Luna’s friends still seeking their forever homes. Simply place your order and I will take care of the rest.

With the week being so hot and I am grateful for the “Keep it Light” sample I had in my cabinet. It feels like just the right amount of moisture and doesn’t give my skin that heavy feeling. If you aren’t sure about which moisturizer I would be happy to help you choose. You can check out my posts on skin care but remember-all of our skincare comes with a 12 month satisfaction guarantee! Yup, 12 months!!! I know it’s crazy but they really want you to be happy.

(Makeup in case you were wondering has a 6 month guarantee-pretty cool huh?)

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Have a beautiful day,

-Michele, Ind. Beauty Consultant

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